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  1. Considering you joined literally to reply to me, all you have done is make it look like an employee of a company with a suspicious product has tried to unofficially interact with a consumer and do his best to convince me that I should ignore the warning of a known antivirus company and proceed to download a suspicious program that may be loaded with extremely harmful viruses. You have not only irritated me, but I can only image how pissed I would be as a head of company to see some random person do such a suspicious act. In fact, and I am speaking directly to BrashMonkey employees at this point, had I not already took a leap of faith and downloaded the program (works great by the way, no issues found), and instead waited for another response from your company, I would have never even considered trying it and gone straight to shelling out the money for Spine because of this man's actions here.
  2. A "long time consumer" whose first 2 posts ever were right here trying to convince me that an antimalware screening software is wrong and that the warning about a trojan is "totally a false positive, trust me"? And you don't see why I am politely telling you to fuck off? You are completely irrelevant here. I am here to inform a company of a situation that has the potential to interfere with their business, both to re-inform them that the problem exists as well as to provide actual screenshots for reference this time around. "What are you trying to accomplish here exactly?" is a fine question to answer yourself before you decide to reply to my post again.
  3. Not my job to do shit to fix the situation for the company. Who are you anyway? Some no-employee nobody. With all due respect, I don't care what your opinion is on the matter at all. I am speaking directly to the company and informing them that I, as a potential consumer, am very wary of trying their program due to this situation. Art programs in particular tend to be large sources of malware on the internet, including many other popular programs most people use all the time. If you had bothered to read my post properly, or even viewed the images I attached, you would have seen I in fact downloaded the program already at this point.
  4. I made a topic about this abit back on a different account (I coudnt be bothered to remember it's login details and created this one instead) and came back to see if the issue had been fixed, but it persists. I took screenshots this time to show whats going on. I would highly advise getting this resolved as Mcafee web security adviser is a very popular program and most safety-aware internet browsers will never trust the download again after seeing this (myself included, I was still very hesitant to download and trust the download. In fact I am immediately seeking a virus-removal specialist after I am done posting this to be sure the file is safe) as these are not warning given out by the program lightly. I have also received a warning about an expired certificate for the download page in the past as well, though it did not show up this time.
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