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  1. Hi guys, A quick question. I have a bunch of animations made for a test character. Unfortunately, my final character turned out to be in a different size and scale than the test one we prepped some animations for - i.e. he has slightly higher legs, a bit different torso, different size of the sprite for the head, some more details on the hands that makes them bigger. Now I've encountered a problem of having to rearrange the pieces in each keyframe of the multiple animations that I have - are there any tips on how to deal with this? Changing each key frame one by one seems horribly taxing on time (and my time is limited), and the results aren't always perfect. Is there a way to rearrange all the pieces at once, or some keyboard shortcuts or other functions that could help with this? Basically, the question is: how do I efficiently set the animations for new characters that aren't the same exact size like the previously used character? Thanks for all tips and suggestions!
  2. Hi guys, We're working on a commercial game utilizing Spriter animations and need to hire a Spriter animator to help us out with some stuff. We're looking for someone to help us with two tasks: the first one, a priority, is creating additional animations we need for little over a week from now - there's not a lot of them, but they need to be created for a specific deadline. The second job would be about working with us on a month-by-month basis, working with our artist to create character-specific animations for the characters that will be created for the game. If you're interested in either of the jobs (or both), please contact me at marchewkowy@gmail.com with your selected portfolio, price range (price per animation), and info whether or not you're capable of putting out an invoice for your work (even if not, do contact us either way). Thanks! Jakub
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