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  1. Hi guys, A quick question. I have a bunch of animations made for a test character. Unfortunately, my final character turned out to be in a different size and scale than the test one we prepped some animations for - i.e. he has slightly higher legs, a bit different torso, different size of the sprite for the head, some more details on the hands that makes them bigger. Now I've encountered a problem of having to rearrange the pieces in each keyframe of the multiple animations that I have - are there any tips on how to deal with this? Changing each key frame one by one seems horrib
  2. Hi guys, We're working on a commercial game utilizing Spriter animations and need to hire a Spriter animator to help us out with some stuff. We're looking for someone to help us with two tasks: the first one, a priority, is creating additional animations we need for little over a week from now - there's not a lot of them, but they need to be created for a specific deadline. The second job would be about working with us on a month-by-month basis, working with our artist to create character-specific animations for the characters that will be created for the game. If you're in
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