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    santogiuseppe@gmail.com reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Great new third Party Spriter Art Packs!   
    Hi Everyone,
    For anyone looking for some nice new Spriter animations to use or customize for your game projects, another skilled artist has joined the growing number of people creating third party Spriter Art Packs for sale.

    We welcome you to browse : http://www.gameart2d.com/ to check out the available game art for yourself.
    Be sure to keep in mind, their older Sprite Packs were not made with Spriter so do not include Spriter files.
    Here is a list of this Spriter Packs which do include Spriter projects:
    Angel vs Barbarian
    The Mercenary
    Spec Ops
    Modern Soldiers
    Advanced Soldiers
    Adventure Game Sprites
    The Guerrilla
    The Mech
    The Ninja
    Alien Onslaught
    Steampunk Game Sprites
    Dinosaur Park
    Werewolf Terror
    Future Soldiers
    Assassin & Viking
    The Witch
    As you'll see, they also offers environment art/tilesets as well, which you might find very useful.
    They plan on adding the Sprite packs which include the Spriter files to our own community marketplace in the future as well.
    Mike at BrashMonkey
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