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  1. It can`t be that. As you see in the video, I imported the images as sprites. So, what can it be ?
  2. Ok, I managed to work around most of the issues. Now I want to understand the maps, so I can have the same animations with multiple outfits. I read the "help" instructions and followed the steps, but maybe I am doing some step wrong. Here is a video of what I am doing https://youtu.be/nsBbF3y3PoM After 1.30 I finish the setup and go to click the "maps" button. Then "generate new map" Then I want to change whole folders. So I click on the left column "arms" and right click on the right column "arms" from Rogue folder ( because the left column has the Base parts). Same process for the "body". I click ok. I transfer new character map from available to active. But there is no change. What do I do wrong? Thank you in advance for your help.
  3. Ok i made it work... but here is the issue. I imported images as skins, made the bones, attached the skins to the bones. Everything well so far. Then i changes the Z order. Saved the project, closed Spriter and reloaded it. I loaded the project by the "load recent projects" command. All images appeared dettached from the skeleton, one on top of the other in a distance. Also, they were not skins any more, just sprites. Have you met this bug Bwwd ?
  4. I just discovered that youtube allows automatic audio to text for subtitles. Awesome ! I believe that will help me understand the tutorial better.
  5. Thanks for the help Bwwd. Just keep in mind however that english is not my native language, so I may mishear some of what the tutorials say. It would be great if there was a way to have them in written text . I will try what you suggest and report the results, thanks again.
  6. I have done as you say, I cleared everything related to spriter from C/program files ( x86 ) and installed the Beta but still the same in both computer. Would you like to arrange to give you access via teamviewer to my computer to see for yourself what may be wrong? I have messaged you my skype id, let me know if you agree.
  7. I did both ways. First over the steam version, then cleaned up everything and did it in its default. Both the same issue, and in both my Laptops. In both I use windows 8. One is a Lenovo G505, 4GB RAM , 350 GB disc, the other is a Sony Vaio PCG 41218M, 6 GB RAM total, 250 GB disc. I made a video, showing the issues that occur https://youtu.be/8gXwi08VVoI 1) As you see, if I import the images as sprites, when I change the Z order it works. But when I import the next two as skins and I change the order, even though displayed in the palette, it is not displayed in the preview. To achieve the second, I need to shut and relaunch Spriter. 2) I seem not to be able to attach the bones to the skinned image. It is possible I didn`t get correctly what the tutorial says, so let me know. I click on the bone, then I double click on the image, but to attaching. Also, I get this white cage without the control point arrows, this doesn`t appear in the tutorial and I don`t know how to get the arrows appear. What I want to find out is if these issues are coming from bugs, if they are coming from my computers ( but from both of them...?) or if I am doing something wrong, so I know what I have to compromise with. Thank you for your help.
  8. I tried it in both my PCs. It installs ok, but then it will not launch. Then, if I uninstall it, it leaves two files that block the original version from being installed and they cannot be deleted even manually, unless I restart my computers. So I have installed the 4.1 version again. Which I notice this issue: I import the images as skins so I have the deformation feature, seems to work ok. Then I save and close spriter. When I reopen it, the images I hadn`t deformed in advance seem to have returned to the "image" mode, the deforming cage does not appear, only to the ones I deformed immediately when I imported them as skins. Is that normal?
  9. Hello, I noticed that the animation preview lags a lot , misses frames and in general I can`t work this way. I installed it in a different computer and it goes very well. So maybe in the current computer the problem is those C++ 32 and 64 bit I need to install, but when I try I get an error message because "A newer version of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable has been detected on the machine." And I am asked to fix it. How do I fix it? How is it possible to have a more advanced version than the one from the official Microsof site? Thanks in advance.
  10. I was hired by a client who uses construct and wanted me to make the animations in Spriter. He showed me a video with a cat that had a cape which looked like deform animation, and told me that he is almost certain Spriter has the deform feature. So, this is it...
  11. Hello everyone, I am a new happy user of Spriter Pro ! I bought it because I heard that it allows image warping like for example make a cape blow in the wind. Officially , brashmonkey sais that this feature will come later in some videos. But I saw some animation samples for users that claim that deformation exists at some extend. If so, where are the commands for it? Is it perhaps in the "unstable" version of the software? If yes, I installed the stable one, how do I switch to the other one? Thanks in advance for your help.
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