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  1. I have another issue with the batch export where most but not all animations are successfully exported to sprite sheets, I think it might have to do with the high number of keyframes on these three but other animations with the same number of keyframes exported without issue. This isn't a huge issue since I exported each keyframe as an individual image instead, but I would like for the spritesheet exporter to return to its former patch glory.

  2. 41 minutes ago, BrashAdmin said:

    Hi Fangoram, Can you verify if the export does not crash with the previous build of Spriter (r5)? You can download previous builds from here:


    Thanks, Mike at BrashMonkey



    Batch Export is a property of the pro version, which i have on steam, I'm unable to batch export with the standalone version. And I don't know my serial code anymore. I will add that I was working all day with spriter up until the update mid-day and then i couldn't batch export

  3. I'm having an issue with performing a batch export after the update, spriter crashes after I select the folder destination. I thought it might have been a corrupted file so i switched to my backup save but it crashes on that too. I then created a while new file and tried but with the same result. On a personal note this is a really terrible time for this to happen as I have a deadline for a game and the fact that I can't batch export sprite sheets is extremely concerning.

    I've attached what settings I have just in case that might help



  4. I'm working on a game, and i needed to batch export my animation once again as I have been able to do beforehand. I don't know what I changed but now when i attempt to batch export, spriter crashes every time after i pick my folder destination. I've attached what the visual studio debugger came up with.

    Spriter Crash.PNG

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