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  1. Here´s a very quick teaser of my WIP.I still intend to work on some graphics and animaitons, but i believe the gameplay is coming along very well =]Any feedback will be appreciated at this point.@('_')@ Developed at Construct 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjT13s6e4To
  2. @lucid I believe for the monkey i've kept all the pivots at default, worked only with bones. But I'll surely keep that in mind for future animations, since this method is providing interesting ideas here. Have you noticed how I've made the blinking eye? Would you say this method has any issues or it could work better somehow? The use of the "wait" actions feels a little rough, but couldn't think a better way. Thanks so much to you and Mike, your attencion has been amazing around my needs =]
  3. @lucid sure, I'm uploading the link for you. http://we.tl/F3x5PD7INe You'll notice there's a few sprites I've deleted in the construct project so I could get the attachment size, but I assume it doesn't itnerfere with the issue. Thanks for your attention =]
  4. Hi @lucid, I've stumbled with an issue related with the need posted here. I've made the blinking using the override animation and it worked great. So I kept on working with the same idea, but it prompts an error with some other sprites. I'm attaching a test capx where the "eyes1" sprite has the blinking effect working, but the object "head" has the same logic in a press space event and it gives an error messege. I'm suspecting I'm making some mistake, but no idea what it could be. Thanks! animOverrProblem.capx
  5. That is great @lucid, it's working perfectly now =] I'm really glad to be working with Spriter and how you guys keep up with developers. Thanks so much for the help o/
  6. Hey lucid, I've tried the Override animation as you said, but it only changes the sprite for one frame and return to the first frame. Is this how it works? I can work around some solutions to have more blinking time, but not sure if I did something wrong. About the smoke, I've tested updating the position at the beggining and end of the script, and it gets delayed all the same. But I'm very interested in this sub enteties you've mentioned. I assume its something like having a second entity or scml accompanying the main animation with a sub routine. Please let me know if there is
  7. Hi Mike, I've uploaded a simple test to tinker with this problem. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72624361/Construct/smokeProblem/index.html I've noticed that the pin behaviour (or any kind of update position method) always have this delay when pinned to anything imported from Spriter. Any idea how to get around with this delay? I know you suggested a good idea for the eyes problem, but pinning objects inside C2 would be the best solution for other necessities similar to this. Pelase help xD Thanks so much
  8. Hey man, I've tried playing around with the override functions you've mentioned... I didn't find much content about it, could you point some to me? I've tried some things, but no results. I've decided to do the blink inside spriter normally. However, I've stumbled with another issue that fits in the same title here. I have this character (the one of my avatar), and it has a smoke that has it's own animation (about 15 frames). I wanted it to follow the head (with locked angle) while having these 15 frames changing in loop independently. Is there anyway to have this done ins
  9. I've downloaded the latest plugin... will run some tests and post if I come out with something cool. I'm still wondering why I can't get the imported sprite of the eyes and draw more frames to it, and make it play. Definetly would be the easiest way xD Thanks!
  10. Hi there! I'm working on Spriter with Construct 2 for a project, and I was wondering if you can have an animated sprite along with the imported spriter animation on C2. Example: I've made a character's animations (walk, jump, etc), and imported it to C2, but I want him to have a blink cycle independently. I've tried to take the imported eye sprite and insert blink animation, but there seems to be no way to make the imported sprite to play other frames. I've also tried to make a sprite inside C2 with the animation, and pin it to the eye object, but it got a weird delayed follow effect.
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