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  1. Hello, thanks for the reply ! sorry ignore me. I have checked the problem animations in Spriter and its the same. Can I ask, was your older library tweening to smooth out animations which you have now disabled / removed in the latest version ? Thanks again.
  2. Hello, I have just updated your lib to the latest (because I wanted the shared assets) from an older one (4+ months) and nearly everything is working perfect. I have noticed that the attack animations on the goblin and girl hero are jerking and don't seem as smooth as they did with the previous version of your lib. Have you experienced this ? Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks, DSE.
  3. Hello, I have a game engine in OpenGL which is using Spriter as the tool for animations and have got to the point where I believe I can finish the required programming. I am currently using the art packs from Spriter to test things but now need an artist to team up with to complete this game. The idea is to create a 2d version of dark souls as a side scroller (think ghouls and ghosts). I know there are a couple of games out there trying to do this but I want the art direction to be closer to the games that inspired them. If you are interested please either pm me or reply here. Thanks for looking, Dave.
  4. ok its - "Goblin_enemy_smallhead.scml" and the "to_Ladder" animation. The animation runs but the shoulders and feet end up in the wrong location and the shield disappears. Hope that helps.
  5. Its my own framework based on opentk/opengl. I have found another small issue if you are interested, its fairly odd and is only happening on a couple of animations on the goblin guy. Do you want the information ?
  6. That makes sense. All seems to work now inside my framework :cool: I had one issue with the bat animations where the 'a' attribute can be "nan". I added this to SpriterSpatialInfo to fix it for me - [XmlAttribute("a")] public string a { set { if (!(value == "nan" || value == "")) Alpha = float.Parse(value); } } Thanks for all your work on this. Its brilliant ! Cheers, Dave.
  7. Hello, I have tried the latest version and the walk is now working :) great stuff ! I have the walk + idle working 100%. The crumble + attack anims work but dont loop. The other anims dont start/loop. Let me know if you need any more info/video. Thanks, Dave.
  8. Ok I have it working and everything was going fine until I tried the wonky skeleton asset from Spriter. Its walk loop animation works up to the point of the loop (end of anim) the skeleton appears to head butt the floor, then it resets to the correct places and continues fine. Any ideas ? Do you need a video or asset to test with ? Cheers and great work !!
  9. I will give this a go tonight. Are there any known limitations on this implementation ?
  10. Good stuff. Looking forward to trying it with my OpenGL stuff ... keep it up.
  11. As a follow up - if you need someone to give it a test, I am willing :cool: :-P
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