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  1. Hi Mike! I don't know what the problem was related for, but when I've compiled the game with Crosswalk the problem just gone away
  2. Thank you, Mike! That's probably what I will do in the next days. Cheers, Olga
  3. Hi, May someone here is using the spriter animations in Construct 2 for mobile app? Is there specific problem or known issues in Spriter's animations in Samsung devices? I'm developing a mobile game for kids. I test my game on Nexus 4, 5, and 9 devices, on HTC and on Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Note 3. On the Nexuses and n the HTC my game runs well, but on the Samsung devices my game stuck - I see the loader about 3 minutes and then I get the background of the first layout with clouds (not moving) and that's all. My spriter's object are created in the first layout. I export my project to Cordova and then I compile it with Phonegap or Crosswalk with the same result. Construct 2 release 208 (64-bit) Spriter release 4.1
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