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  1. What would be the best way to draw bones (similar as it is done in Spriter itself) in Unity game view (but for starters editor view is enough)? How should I approach making bone and then scaling it and rotating to be in exact spot?
  2. Thanks so much for help! Now my ugly project works in unity! I still had problem with head being next to legs, but I just needed to set pivot point on the sprite itself (via double clicking sprite in files section - on the right) and that did the trick.
  3. Hi, so I downloaded today newest version. First removed old one then imported new one. Deleted sprites and scml and prefabs and imported in correct order and now I have this: Where it should be this: (this is from Spriter) What is happening? I am going out but when I get back I will check if with old version I happen to have same thing. Thanks for help.
  4. Hi, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your work, Dengar. While I bought Spriter PRO long ago I wasn`t really using it as integration with Java (libgdx) was very poor at that time. Now, when I switched to Unity I was happy to discover that it is so much easier to use Spriter - thanks to you.
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