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  1. Hello guys :D

    My Name is Rizky Djati Munggaran from Indonesia, call me ridjam :D .

    I'm Vector Artist, hopefully not the only one here haha... I've purchased spriter since January 2015, and it's great software! especially for me who live in developing countries, the price is very affordable and reasonable :D

    I've startup company with my friends call “Sinaulin Studio†a Game Studio Company,
    we are now making our first game, named “Save My Wifeâ€, tells the story of a husband who drove his pregnant wife to the hospital with a old scooter named Vegi.

    I use linux for work, and still use the
    Spriter version R2 because R3 version does not run on my system, hoping to be fixed. Below is the result of my work using spriter.

    I have difficulty in making "Add or Remove Bones", like Wonky Skeleton Animation in  AdventurePlatfortmerPack_Essentials, I hope Mike made a tutorial about it, hehe :D

    Critique are wellcome, guys. :D


    And this is one of my process of designing using vector graphics program.

  2. Hello from Indonesia here,
    've purchased the Spriter Pro, and thanks for GREAT software :-P

    I have a question,


    about your RunNGunPlatfortmerPack Essentials, in Crounch_Down_Block key number 1 to 76 how to create it?

    I create a new animation from scratch with my art, and I follow your pack, every I paste in key 76 or other key, the image always be animated, I want to make as you do on RunNGunPlatfortmerPack Essentials, "create new blank key with new image without animated", how to create it? sorry for my bad explain haha... :-P

    Thanks before.
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