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  1. Thanks for the offer! In the end I figured out a quick work around. The directory was for a Character Map so I just put in the next character map we had planned and did a quick text replace in the scml file while preserving the over all structure. Worked out fine!
  2. I had a directory full of images in my project area that I realized I didn't need and wanted to delete. None of the images are actually used in the project. So I assumed I could just delete the folder and move on. Now when I open the project file I get the "this project is missing images" error box. I can't figure out how to fix my project file so it no longer expects that old deleted directory. I've tried opening it and re-saving it with no luck. I also opened the project scml file to see if I could delete it that way but it looks like it would mess up the folder ID order. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks! - Miguel
  3. Would be great to have shorcut keys for going one "snapping frame" forward or backwards instead of just moving only to ones with keyframes on them like you can using the "1" and "2" shortcuts. Related to that it would be great if those "Go to previous/next keyframe" keys were mapped to non number keys. The current setup makes it really difficult to quickly tweak numbers in the object properties text boxes. I keep typing 1's and 2's into them instead of moving to the next frame I need to tweak. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the clarification Mike. Sounds like in its current state it's mostly suitable for very small projects where the art won't go through revisions. Good to know a more feature ritch implementation is planned in the future though. Even if it's a while off! Thanks! Miguel
  5. I've been trying to figure out the workflow for using Spriter with TexturePacker and haven't been able to find any detailed info breaking it down. So far I've created a set of animations and character maps using the standard spriter method (ie using individual images for each part). I then ran "Generate TexturePacker spritesheet file" and the json sprite sheet is showing up correctly in my palette project folder. At this point do I need to swap out all the existing object images in my folders for the ones in the json sprite sheet (yikes!) or are they already associated somehow? What happens if I need to revise or add new art assets? I tried running "Generate TexturePacker spritesheet file" after changing a few art assets and it told me "*.tps file generation failed. Generating spritesheets from projects already using spritesheets is not yet supported". So am I missing something or is the current TexturePacker implementation not set up for any sort of art revisions? Thanks for any help!
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