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  1. Thank you for the reply and the workaround! I'll have to look into that.
  2. Looking into it a little more, it looks like it would really help if a unity avatar can be set up for the imported spriter character. Most of the functionality for body masks and stuff rely on the avatar setup in unity.
  3. First off, I just want to say I'm loving Spriter and the new unity support and how easy it is to import a spriter project to unity. As for my question, I was wondering if it's possible to mix animations after importing to unity. Say I have a running animation and a shooting, I would like to merge the two so I don't have to create a seperate animation for everything. (Mask off different parts of each animation) I know unity has body masks and all that, but it's not an option for imported spriter projects. Also, I was wondering if there is a way to change the animations to a legacy system in case I have to manually achieve this myself through coding. If this isn't a feature yet and anyone has an idea of how to achieve this with some extra coding or some workarounds I would appreciate it. Thanks!
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