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  1. Hello, just wanted to inform about my upload of a basic Spriter implementation for Sprite Kit at GitHub: https://github.com/indieSoftware/INSpriterKit It supports only the simplest sprite animation and non-scaling bones. None of the other Spriter features are supported, so it's meant as a basis for further extendings and not for a productive usage. Feel free to clone the repo and extend it. Cheers
  2. After watching the tutorial videos and playing around with Spriter B8_2 on my Mac here some feature requests from me: Toggle button for looping the playback in Spriter Actually playing an animation in Spriter will automatically loop when the playhead reaches the end of an animation. That is nice for animations which will normally be looped in game, too, but sometimes it is also irritating especially for animations which are designed as translations. For example a get-into-crouch-animation shouldn't be played again from the beginning after the character gets into the crouch position and that be
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