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  1. Mike, I'm sorry, but the bug is still exist. I make a big screen showing which version I have) Any suggestions what it can be? Pivot points are sufficient in my game and I can't do anything with that, I tried to unistall and install Spriter again, nothing has happened
  2. I'm using Spriter b8.1, and the issue is very simple: I clicked on the image in files palette to change the pivot point, but the window with other image is opened (which I opened before)
  3. Hi guys! I began to use char maps very often and found a problem that when I'm trying to change pivot points for the image it sometimes... doesnt not change! Let's imagine I change pivot point in the image shield, and then I clicked on the new image, dagger, but the window with shield is always opened, and after I restart Spriter too. (Windows 7 64bit)
  4. Hello guys! I have an issue that for example I have a character (wolf) and a 12 animations with it in Spriter, but I forgot to add a tail to him! When I added this part of body on the zero second in time line it appears like an animation. So the question is: how can I add the missing body part to the whole animation.
  5. Hello! Last time I met the issue that different sprites can be placed differently in Spriter and in game it looks quite strange. So how can I change the sprite position and apply it to the every animation I have in Spriter? Does Spriter include this function?
  6. Thank you for the information, lucid! You are the best!
  7. Hello! My question is for the Brashmonkey team because you know it better. Is there any news from Ashley about character maps? I think most of us, who bought both C2 and Spriter licenses need this powerful feature
  8. Thank you Mike! My expectations was false (so I'm not a programmer). Perhaps it was not in the Spriter manual, or I just read it casually. Right now I'm on the right track.
  9. Save as resized project function in Spriter works very unpredictebly. I don't really understand how to resize the image because at first Spriter make imported image larger that it was but then, can rezise it an extemely small. What is the problem?
  10. hm, now it is all working but i'm very afraid of losses my Spriter project so I'm trying not to use settings and stuff like that...)))
  11. May be it can seems stupid, but actually on the free version of Spriter all of this functions was able. After I bought a pro edition I can't do anything with that))) Firstly, what I have tested was a "save as a resized project" function. Actually, I did not like a massive sprite which occupied all the scene in Construct 2 so by that I tried to reduce the effect and also improve performance. It hanged the project, so when I opened it again in Spriter there were only bones with extremely small rewrited sprites. The second is that I can't import the project now, I don't know why. When i'm trying to import something in C2 from Spriter there are two options: 1)it hang the C2 process; 2) it is imported divided. Help me please with that, I don't know where I'm wrong!
  12. Hi guys! I am writing to hire a person(freelance) who can animate characters for my game for IOS in Spriter. As an animation is a very important part of the game we want to give it into more professional hands. We are a small student team so the budget is not very high but for the wonderful things we are ready to pay $ which you personally estimate your work. If you hate trash games and interested in good platform game with innovative gameplay I think you can become our friend working with us for the whole project. :)
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