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  1. That's inelegant. Maybe I can rig the importer so it does that when it imports.
  2. Have you tried using a process of elimination to figure out exactly which file or files are causing the problem? I still think this may be a problem with Unity itself, rather than the importer. As for alpha, uhhh, that's the value that determines visibleness right? It doesn't carry that over?
  3. Oh I haven't been dealing with this stuff long enough to know what causes this. A lot of people seem to be able to use it just fine. Even you yourself admit that the problem doesn't occur with every single animation. Here are some guesses 1) Are you absolutely sure that you have imported all of the graphics files before importing the .scml file? 2) If yes, is it possible that one of the files might be corrupt or strange? 3) Are you using any other plugins? Have you tried the Unity forums or Unity Answers? There's a number of users who are experiencing similar issues.
  4. Yes, there is! :) From the menu bar, go to Edit > Project Settings > Editor Set "Default Behavior Mode" to "2D". This should import all textures as Sprites by default.
  5. I am not the original creator, and I can't really speak for them, but I did wonder for myself why the ChangeSprite function is called, not every frame, but every keyframe. I did eventually come to some sort of conclusion, but I will explain that in a bit. First of all, ChangeSprite() is in fact, NOT meant for weapon swapping or skin swapping or anything of the sort, and is not meant to be invoked manually. You see, during the animation, the sprites are not always static. A character may blink, or the graphic for the hand may change from open to closed, etc. In Spriter, you achieve this by chan
  6. The appreciation is appreciated :) Although I really just added a few lines of code to an already amazing tool. I'm also going to work on bringing out the full potential of the character map. Right now it's really "just there". Dunno how long it'll take, it's more of a side project/hobby to me than anything else, but I'll keep you guys posted.
  7. Okay, in your project, in your Assets folder, find: ThirdParty/Spriter2Unity/Scripts/CharacterMap.cs And replace it with this version. Then find: ThirdParty/Spriter2Unity/Editor/Unity/AnimationBuilder.cs And replace it with this version. After that, you will have to re-import your .scml file or it will crash when you go into Play Mode. I added notes to both files so you'll be able to see what I changed and why.
  8. I haven't used any of those other ones. But I can name one difference: Price.
  9. Sorry for the double post but my previous one is several days old, but I really wanted to share this. I added a few lines of code to the importer and it completely got rid of any flicker during transitions. Example: http://dengar.meowcorp.us/test/ Don't mind the second button. That was just me fooling around to figure out how to swap textures at runtime. It wasn't actually that difficult to figure out in hindsight. Most of the time I spent on it was figuring out what the code did, and also how Unity and C# work. Of course I'll share my custom code with anyone who asks. I think I've done most o
  10. Regarding the "stutter" when transitioning between animations. Okay so I did some poking around the codes of the importer. From what I understand, the animation periodically updates the sprites used with the data from the character map. Do I understand correctly so far? So what happens is, for a short time while transitioning from one animation to another, both animations will run their "update this-or-that sprite" calls, which causes the stutter. For example, going from "Grey Guy"'s idle animation to his walking animation. The animations use a different texture for the head. The idle animati
  11. After reading this I started messing around with the camera object. Apparently it was set to "Perspective", setting it to "Orthographic" fixed the issue. Thanks for the input, I wouldn't have arrived at this conclusion otherwise. Anyway on to my next question. I'm sorry for so many questions but I'm eager to make this stuff work. Whenever I try to load "Grey Guy"'s idle animation into the animation controller and then go to Play mode, I get this error. Key count: 0 on curve '' UnityEditor.AnimationUtility:GetCurveBindings(AnimationClip) UnityEditorInternal.AnimationWindowState:get_allCurves()
  12. Messing with the Z scale does nothing. (I don't think the Z axis even matters in 2D mode) The only thing that does something is manually setting each indiviudal part's "Order in Layer" value. I'm a bit new to unity though so there could be a million things that cause this. But I assure you I haven't really touched any major settings. Although I have been examining the .cs files in the Spriter2Unity folder. Strangely enough I seem to understand most of the stuff that's happening despite being totally unfamilliar with anything C-based. I wonder if I can tweak the script a little to make it set
  13. I'm not "drawing" anything. I'm loading the .scml file as is, and then whack it onto the scene. Opening the same file in Spriter gives no problems. It's like Spriter2Unity simply loads the parts in reverse for some reason.
  14. Well even if it's been temporarily discontinued, I have a question. I doun't doubt that there's SOMEONE here who can answer this. The question is simple: I decided to test it out before I start applying its ways to my own projects, so I decided to import the Grey Guy. When I import the .scml file, it imports the animations and everything -almost- alright. I'm able to attach a controller and manipulate the animation. The problem is with the way the Grey Guy is drawn. It draws all the parts in the wrong order, making his head appear behind his torso, etcetera. What I'm wondering is, is there s
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