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  1. Actually when I made the converter I didn't even know you could set non-default pivots. I don't actually think it's too difficult to impliment. It's just addition/subtraction.
  2. I know the converter is imperfect. I only created it when I was hobbying with code. And I tend to get like into this programming 'mood' only like one or two times a year for a month or two and then it dies down again. It's a known issue but I have not yet examined what might be the cause. I've tried to make my code as readable and easy to work with as I possibly could but only a few people have come up with their own additions. I... honestly can't say.
  3. About scaling: You can just scale the parts instead of the bones without problems. About flipping: You can do this just fine by using negative scale (on the parts! not on the bones).
  4. Ohhhh that's interesting. :O It never occurred to me that someone might NOT have set default pivot points. Should be easy enough to fix. I'll add it to known issues.
  5. I did hastily implement some "compensation" for bone scaling, but I wouldn't surprise me if that didn't fix all the issues concerning bone scaling. Translating bone scaling into Unity is very difficult, trust me. Unity does not have anything that actually behaves like a bone. Empty game objects can pretend to be bones as far as rotation and positioning are concerned. Scaling just cannot be directly translated properly. I'd have to figure out the math that reflects the scaling onto the body parts instead of the "pretend bones". I managed to do part of this, but there might be some variables I
  6. lol, I know that, I wrote the thing. :lol: I was curious whether Ad.Dany did.
  7. Out of curiosity... Do you import the autosave or the actual save?
  8. I wasn't even aware that such a feature existed. If I ever get around to making another update, I'll look into it. I'll put it on the front page along with the rest of the known issues.
  9. Do you mean transitioning between different animations? Because you have to create animation transitions manually anyways. If you want to make them instant you have to edit the transitions yourself to be instant. Otherwise I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean like the location of a body part "snapping" to a different location instantly? Can you please elaborate? Creating a Spriter Entity in Unity from an atlas is a completely different process that I haven't examined fully, but it's more complicated than doing it the normal way. So to implement that it would require a separate block
  10. That would in fact create two versions of the same sprite in Unity. One would be disabled while the other is enabled.
  11. @jayderu Regardless, thanks for the heads up. I still think it's a strange issue, and I wonder what's causing it. DX should automatically set the import settings for you no matter what they are. I er, will try to take a look at it after the minor fixes & updates. @Huoh I've never even thought of people doing dynamic reparenting. As of this point in time it's not a supported feature. I'll make a note of it in the opening post and will maybe see if such a feature can be implemented in the future. @GenericGameDev I'm not quite sure what's up with that. It's probably some minor kink in the
  12. This has some overlap with Unity's standard tutorials. I suggest you watch a few of those. http://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/modules/beginner/animation/animator-controlleris the most important one. It's the same for 3D as it is in 2D. http://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/modules/beginner/animationremaining animation tutorials You should be able to learn all the basics for your own videos.
  13. 2) should work. Not sure why it doesn't. It should create a separate prefab for each Entity. The other ones I will add to the initial post just so anyone reading it knows it's not (yet) supported.
  14. Uhhhh yeah, while importing the entire .zip technically DOES work, it also imports a bunch of unnecessary files. Said files are handy for developers looking to edit the project itself, but not for the end user. Unity even protests against importing them in that manner. -Instead of clicking the "GitHub link", you should click the "Package Link" instead(https://github.com/Dharengo/Spriter2UnityDX/raw/master/Packages/Spriter2UnityDX.unitypackage) -This will download a .unitypackage file -Just drag and drop the .unitypackage file in your project's project view -Done
  15. :O That sounds pretty awesome. I'll be sure to make some time to incorporate it ASAP when it's finished.
  16. I have pro. That said, I have not worked on any pro features. Or on the tool at all in the last few weeks. When I work on it again (and I don't know when that is), my priority is to get the issues that were mentioned over the past few pages out of the way, and making sure all vanilla features work as intended. After that, the order will likely be CharacterMaps > Subentities (whatever those are) > Sounds > Boxes > Triggers > Any feature I don't know about yet. To me this seems like a most-to-least important order. Inbetween those, there's also some quality of life features o
  17. It's kind of hard to help if we don't know the problem. Please go through the process step by step and describe what happens at each one.
  18. Really, REALLY? Dang. If I had known this sooner I would have fixed it long ago. Thanks for the heads up though. Next time you find out something like this, let me know, or create a pull request. I'll add it to the next update regardless. I still can't believe I made a basic mistake like that and had it go unnoticed for weeks. How long have you known this? Because I would like to have known about it as well. Can't really fix things if I don't know they need fixing.
  19. I think this can be officially called a "known issue" now. Once again, I don't know why it happens. But I also haven't investigated it yet. That said, the project is open source so other coders can take a shot at it. I'll be happy to answer any questions people have when trying to figure out how the script works. I've spent a lot of effort on making sure the code is understandable by third parties. I just don't have the time or energy to work on it myself right now.
  20. Then there must be something about your .scml file that's different from the ones I used to test. Regarding that, and some of the issues mentioned previously in the topic. I still haven't booted up Unity in weeks. I've been very busy with other stuff and tbh haven't quite felt like coding. I might take a crack at it this weekend but again, no guarantees.
  21. Have you tried checking the "Apply Spriter Z Order" checkbox on the EntityRenderer?
  22. Will the documentation remain? I mean some things like Unity just need to interpret the .scml file directly after all.
  23. It's probably some kind of issue with Spriter2Unity. I really want to get to fixing this stuff but I'm so busy lately I barely have time to sit down and eat lol. Maybe this weekend.
  24. Well the old version requires you to set the import settings of your texture to "Sprite". This is actually mentioned in the guide. DX does this for you automatically.
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