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    totoe reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey for a file, Spriter 2 Private Alpha   
    Welcome to the first Alpha release of Spriter 2.  Before you download, remember that by doing so you're agreeing to not share the file or share or discuss any information about it and its current and planned features other than on the new private alpha forums which you should have access to if you are eligible to download this alpha.

    The new private forums can be found here: https://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/forum/28-spriter-2-private-alpha/
    Before you begin using this early alpha build, please find and read the welcome post in the new forums and watch the embedded video which will give a quick overview on how to use the currently available features.  That welcome post is here: 
    Recent Changes
    Added Z-Order (right click and hold right mouse button with object selected, and hover over the z-order stack icon) changes and enhancements
    Enhanced the look of mesh hovers bug fixes
    Fixed bug where you couldn't click or drag meshes after flipping the mesh horizontally or vertically Fixed bug where hovering meshes and selecting meshes was inconsistent and would result in misclicks or grabbing a mesh that should be beneath another mesh Fixed visual bugs when hovering meshes
    Added Undo/Redo (Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-Y) bug fixes
    Fixed a bug that let you drag a control point while alt clicking to draw a new stroke leading to unpredictable results
    added a changelog dialog so you can see what was added in the latest update.  It will automatically pop up the first time you open Spriter 2 for each new version.  You can also open it from the help dialog (the question mark icon on the top left). bug fixes
    Made it so help dialog shrinks to fit on lower resolution monitors
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    totoe reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey for a file, Basic Platformer Game Engine for C2 or C3 Essentials   
    This is the reduced content Essentials version of the Basic Platformer Complete Game Engine. This Essentials version is free for all Spriter Pro owners. It requires Spriter Pro and a personal license or greater of Construct 2 or a subscription to Construct 3.
    You can play the review of this Essentials version here: https://brashmonkey.com/essentialsplatdemo
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