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  1. I've been digging around the code a bit, and I managed to get the basic 'idle' animation in the basic platformer kit to look completely normal by changing a line in SpriterDataUnity.cs, line 422: colorHelper.transform.localPosition = new Vector2(-pivot.x*sprObj.targetFile.width, (1 - pivot.y)*sprObj.targetFile.height); Previously, you were adding a padding vector in there. I'm not entirely sure what that's intended to do (I'm not up-to-date on my SCML format knowledge), but it seems to throw the whole image off. Removing the padding addition gets the rendering to behave normally. Note, however, this doesn't address some animations jerks that are showing up with many of the animations (balance_check is the worst). Edit: After more fiddling, I managed to get the animations to look correct. In SpriterDataUnity.cs, line 438-ish where targetRot is initially set, I removed all that funny math and just used obj1.angle. I did the same thing for the nearby calculations. This appears to clean up most of the animations. My changes are probably not accurate (I was just hacking), but it might give you a jumping-off point. There are still subtler bugs: the balance_check has a hiccup when it loops, and the stand_up seems to switch images erroneously at the end.
  2. This plugin is coming along really well. It was super simple to test out. I'm noticing definite problems with the art packs just released. For the 'player' in the Basic Platformer Pack, one of the arms seems malformed, and the animations I tested (walk and idle) both do funny things with the other arm. Those are the most major issues I've noticed - hopefully minor fixes, though they're problematic enough to prevent using this plug-in right now. Some other notes: * It's non-ideal to create a bunch of animations and dump them in the root Assets directory regardless of where the Spriter project was placed. It's an organizational headache. Would be much nicer if the animations were placed in a subfolder with the same root as the Spriter project. * A non-NGUI version would be nice. I'm not sold on my UI solution, and the NGUI free version plasters a big watermark over my game, so obviously it can't live side-by-side with whatever I do land on. A version which just uses textured quads would be sufficient. I can probably roll my own variant on that at some point, though. Good job so far!
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