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  1. I don't believe the current version works with Orthello. That said, depending on how good the editor integration for Orthello is, you might be able to get it up and running without too much work. Look at the current implementations for an example of how to integrate it. I'm still hoping to have a 2dTK version up soon-ish. Unfortunately I've got rather a lot of work at the moment, so I haven't had a chance to polish out the bugs.
  2. 2D Toolkit is being worked on. It's by far my favourite toolkit to work with, and I should be able to have a basic version up pretty soon if there's demand for it. Currently I'm working to add auto importing when you update a .scml file, but that's leading to a bit of instability so I'd rather not release that. I'll see if I can get a basic version of 2D Toolkit support (same level as NGUI) up this weekend. Thanks, CptDefault
  3. Thanks for finding that! I've fixed up the version on the repository. To use the full version of NGUI just comment out line 34 in SpriterDataNGUI, which looks like #define NGUI_FREE Hopefully things work from here. As always, let me know if you run into trouble. Thanks, CptDefault
  4. Thanks for the file, that's helped find the issue. The git has been updated and should now be fully compatible with Unity 3.5. Regarding full NGUI compatibility; would you be able to send me a screenshot or log of all the errors you encountered? If we're lucky it might be a simple enough fix once I know what's going on. Let me know if you have any more trouble. Thanks, CptDefault
  5. Hi Michael, Unfortunately the examples folder simply doesn't work with 3.5. Next time I get a chance to do a revision I'll build it from 3.5 instead. It's odd to hear that there's issues with the full version of NGUI. I'll see if I can get hold of an updated version myself and sort it out, but I'm not sure how soon I'll be able to do that. I'm vaguely aware of a bug where things aren't quite where they should be but the animation I've been testing with is much less pronounced than that. Is there any chance you could send me a copy of that animation purely for testing this? My email is my username at gmail dot com. Sorry to hear that you had trouble finding the import option. I'm hoping to streamline that in the future. Thanks, CptDefault
  6. Seems odd. Perhaps the free version of NGUI is different in some slightly odd manner compared to the full version. Could you load up those script files and try replacing all references to UIBaseAtlas with UIAtlas? It's possible that might help. The two errors regarding SpriterNGUIColorHelper are due to slightly flawed design on my part (I'll fix it in the next update) and as you've noticed are fixed by importing the second module. Let me know how that goes. Thanks, CptDefault
  7. Apologies, I neglected to test the plugin with 3.5. You've taken the correct steps in deleting the Example/Imported folder. You'll most likely want to delete the Example/Scene folder as well. The last step you'll want to take is to make sure the Spriter project you're importing is inside the Assets folder. Whilst there's nothing stopping you selecting another directory it's likely to break the plugin. I'm running Unity 3.5.7 (for this test, usually I use 4.x) and Win7 so I shouldn't imagine there'd be too much difference between our setups. Have you got an up to date version of NGUI? The latest version seems to be found at http://www.tasharen.com/?page_id=140 under the heading "Evaluation Version". In regards to using this without other plugins; it should be possible. Don't expect the full ease of use or efficiency of those other plugins, but it's definitely doable. I might look into doing so once I've got some other projects back on track. Expect such a thing in two or three weeks. Spriter works on PC, Mac and (I believe) Linux. This plugin should work on all platforms supported by Unity, but I haven't tested on any other than Windows standalone and the Web Player. Thanks, CptDefault
  8. Spriter Unity API - NGUI and B3 compatible Overview After a fair bit of work I've got a version of the API that works with the latest Spriter file format and NGUI (specifically, the free version). This isn't quite final; there's still one or two minor things that aren't quite right, but I'd much appreciate any help that can be offered to sort them out. I've also separated out most of the Library independent code. If you'd like to extend this to ex2D (for which I don't have a license) you should hopefully only have to implement the reduced amount of code in SpriterDataNGUI. This mostly deals with Atlas creation. The plugin passes all of Timpart's Spriter Test Suite version 0.2. Demo NGUI/Spriter Demo This demo shows the "Monster" example, with varying pivot points between animations and bone animation used. To Download: NGUI. The free/evaluation version also works great. https://github.com/CptDefault/spriterdapi-unity/ https://github.com/CptDefault/spriterdapi-unity-ngui Download both of the above repositories and place them into the Assets folder in your Unity project. NGUI Free vs NGUI Full To use the full version of NGUI, open "Spriter-NGUI\Editor\SpriterDataNGUI" and comment out line 34. Make it look like the following: //To use the full version of NGUI, comment out the following line. //#define NGUI_FREE To Use: Make sure the Spriter project you're importing is inside the Assets folder. Whilst there's nothing stopping you selecting another directory it's likely to break the plugin. Unity should now have a "Spriter" menu option, to the left of "Window" and "Help". In here you will find "[NGUI]Create New Character". This will create the character using Unity's legacy animation system. From here there is no reliance on any of the scripts in this project beyond the colour helper. Future Goals: [*:17vpbp7y]Automating the import process when the .scml file is updated. [*:17vpbp7y]Extending the project to work with 2DToolkit and/or ex2D. [*:17vpbp7y]Adding a (non-recommended) mode of operation with no toolkits Known issues: [*:17vpbp7y]Sprites are sometimes a few pixels off from where they should be. I'm investigating this but haven't found the cause. [*:17vpbp7y]Opening the example scene might cause sprites to flicker when they change. Re-importing solves this. [*:17vpbp7y]Half the commit messages were written with "R3" compatibility. I meant "B3". Whoops. I'll likely have to take a week off from this to catch up on my other projects; but rest assured I will be continuing support for this. I'm looking to use Spriter for a major games project this semester. If you run into any trouble at all, post it here and I'll do what I can to help find a solution. Lastly, I'd like to thank Thinksquirrel for the great work getting this project started. Cheers, CptDefault
  9. Progress report; perhaps 80% of the way to the latest format. I'm hoping to have a functional NGUI plugin within a week. I've been updating both the main SpriterDataAPI and the NGUI plugin. The former has had a few structural changes as well as bugfixes. The latter's had a pretty major rewrite. More details to come once I've got it complete.
  10. Yeah, that seems to be the case. There's been a fairly major restructure of the API. If you want to get it working without bone support and other newer features you can possibly use the old version. Download the master branch (rather than the developer branch, as it sounds like you have) from github. I've got that working with the old NGUI script easily enough. I am hoping to find some time over the next little while to update the NGUI script; after that I might look into the other platforms.
  11. Nick- It sounds like the code you've uncommented is referring to the old (master) version of Spriter data API. Have you grabbed the development branch instead? I think the API has been updated to the latest SCML spec but the EX2D and NGUI projects have lagged behind. Either they'll need to be updated or you'd have to use the old version, which might completely break with a newer file.
  12. Is this still being actively worked on by anyone? The Git doesn't seem to have been touched in a while. I'm a fairly competent C# developer and I'm about to start on a project that could really benefit from this. In particular I'm interested in 2DTK, but I'm not yet tied to one toolkit exclusively. I'll look into getting things up to date but if there's someone working on it it might be best to help them out rather than do all sorts of redundant work.
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