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  1. ok thanks for the clarification .. proceed equally to dawnload ;)
  2. Awesome! Thanks Lucid!
  3. thanks for the reply ;) I'm looking forward the release "version 1.0."
  4. hello guys, the ability to use a reference in the background ... you can do this thanks ;)
  5. hello lucid. Thanks for the reply, I am impatient to get your hands on the version with the new additions
  6. Hello friends, I am a new user Spiters, from Italy.... I use the blender and Anime Studio Pro ... and recently I met this nice tool "Spriter" I purchased the license because I believe in the development of this piece of sw. Just wondering if you can set the frames in the timeline, not in a few seconds, and if in the future a customizable interpolation curve keyframe "Beizer". Congratulations for this great tool ;) thanks... sorry for my poor english
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