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Spriter Free Linux32 R 10

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About This File

Here is the free version of Spriter. It becomes Spriter Pro when you enter a Spriter Pro license serial number. Only Ubuntu 14 is officially supported. Be sure to test on your system before buying Spriter Pro!

What's New in Version R 10   See changelog


Additions and Enhancements

  • Improved z-order handling when copy-pasting. Will attempt to find paste at the same z-order relative to the copied object(s), and fall back on the absolute z-order index if necessary 
  • Added right-click options to copy relative and absolute z-order to all frames for a selected object. 
  • Added notification on task bar when an export is complete on Mac and Windows 
  • Added a button to open the current project folder (on the right side of the main icon bar) 
  • Added 'paste difference to all frames'. Ctrl-U will take a snapshot of a single selected object. After taking a snapshot, make any desired changes, and then Ctrl-I will paste the difference to all frames. For example if you take a snapshot of a sprite, and then rotate it 10 degrees, and move it 5 pixels to the left. The difference paste will apply the 10 degree rotation and 5 pixel movement to the current sprite angle and position on all other frames 
  • Added Move or Die game mod export. Watch the forums/announcements for further details in the near future. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where right-click copy to all frames wasn't working 
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the edit pivot point dialog wouldn't appear when double clicking an image in the file palette 
  • Fixed a bug where altering the pivot point of a non-character mapped image would incorrectly real time preview the pivot point change in the canvas 
  • Fixed a bug where padding changes could lag one change behind on the sprite sheet generation dialogue 
  • Fixed a bug where animation intervals were not loading 
  • Fixed a bug where saving a resized project as scon would save the old file sizes 
  • Fixed a bug where scon saves would always contain a  <gline> tag, even if it there were no guidelines to save
  • Fixed a bug where changes made after undoing a copy z-order to all frames action would cause it to appear as if all animation keyframes were deleted

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