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Spriter 2 Roadmap and News


Hello everyone!

At the bottom of this post there is a link to a roadmap shedding some light on what's been done for Spriter 2 so far and more importantly, what's to come.
We apologize for the shoddy appearance - we just wanted to get the information out as quickly as possible. Soon we'll have a prettier version of the roadmap that will have a progress bar for all features so everyone can more easily and accurately track our progress in general and for specific features and milestones.

But to us the release of this roadmap has a much greater value. For a long time now we've been frustrated by only being able to explain the long apparent pauses in Spriter 2's development with vague expressions like “we've done a lot of work under the hood” for "future features", and we're sure it's been frustrating for many of you as well. We're so excited to finally start to explain what we were talking about.

The roadmap will soon show exactly what is under the hood, and how it's not simply the base for 'Spriter 1 Plus Mesh-Deforming', but an extremely flexible and future-proof framework on which Spriter 2 can deliver multiple classes of features and functionality we've never even hinted at, and which go far beyond what you would expect from an animation tool. 

Over the next many updates we'll be explaining in much greater detail what these features are, how they will work, and how much power and flexibility they will put into the hands of animators, game creators, and others who may never have had a use for an animation tool before.  

As we mentioned, the next release of the roadmap will show the progress for each item. When that happens you'll notice that a great many of these features are already partially completed. This is because so much of the development of Spriter 2's core code was to ensure these features were not only possible, but also able to work together in many interesting and useful ways we'll be explaining soon.

One last thing you'll notice in this first road-map is that several items on it are currently blurred out. We're hard at work finalizing things for an important announcement which will introduce the updated and interactive version of the roadmap.  It will go into more detail and reveal these mystery items, explaining the impact they'll have on the process and artform of animation.

-BrashMonkey Team


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