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Super Mage World [Released,Android,Free]

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Download Super Mage World a free to play awesome jump and platformer game for android.
Super Mage World starts with episode 1 including 50+ different level and 5 different boss fights.
also included are : double jump, walljump, checkpoints, magic spells, many different traps to defeat enemys and many more.
each world got its own setting.
also we got an epic unique soundtrack that was made by my girlfriend.

i someday crashed into the problem that the sprites that i used where not so animated like i wanted to, then i got spriter pro and from there on my project got an turnaround in the look of it. spriter pro is one of the best products that i know and i would never want to miss it.
the game is released to the playstore for free, take a look :D

Playstorelink: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Witch.World&hl=en



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if you got a phone or tablet that is listed as incompatible but should be compatible then plz text me iam going to unlock it then for you. the game runs on any android device with at least an good dual core and 1 gb ram(s4 mini / htc one mini/ s3)

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