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[UNITY ASSET] 2d combat game template with Artificial Intelligence (enemy characters) + SpriterDotNet.Unity


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I made a 2d combat game template with a player character and 6 enemy characters AI templates.

Here is a link to Unity Asset store page with my asset ("Scripting Animations Examples for Spriter Pro"): https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/slug/227534

You can read more about it on my web page here: http://www.boldbeargames.com/unity-assets/ 

Here is the documentation with workflows: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_pAGHr7QQiuNIjttmWMFPTLpPua6xP2SpeyhFrZ3Tko/edit?usp=sharing

My unity package connects SpriterPro’s API (by loodakrawa ) with an MIT-licensed Finite State Machine (AI) and some other code for a 2D combat game. Amongst others, the package has a player character and few AI enemies. All is playable and can be used as a template for 2D action games / platformers / fighting games.


My asset will work with animations/sprites offered by many publishers such as those mentioned below:


Below are links to videos in which I show how to take example animations from above publishers and to plug them quickly to Unity with my asset and make them playable. One example for a melee fighting character and second for a range/missile fighting character.

Here are 3 voucher codes for a free copy of the asset, I would love to have some feedback on the asset.




Link to Unity Asset store page with my asset ("Scripting Animations Examples for Spriter Pro"): https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/slug/227534


Creating a Melee fighter video: 

Creating Range/Missile fighting character:

Below I paste the asset description from the Unity asset store:


This asset speeds up implementing animated characters, hazards, and other objects that were created in a .scml format. Package connects .scml animations with specially created scripts, prefabs, etc.


Package connects .scml animations with specially created scripts, prefabs, etc. to quickly make your animated objects playable in the game. Provided content is meant to be customizable. It is designed in a way that the customer could take his own .scml projects with art and animations, import them to a Unity project and make them playable very quickly. Package key features are, basic player, advanced player, 2 melee fighting AI character templates, 4 range fighting AI character templates, and use cases for SpriterPro's special features (such as "character maps", "tags", "events", "collider boxes", "points"). The documentation describes workflows on how to build on top of the provided templates and prefabs (for example how to add new AI states). Some other contents are animated mechanics, animated environmental hazards, basic hazards, missiles, a 2d camera, and some basic UI.


Headers from the documentation:

1. How to get your .scml animations into the Unity project?


VIDEO EXAMPLE for melee character


VIDEO EXAMPLE for range character


5. CUSTOM PLAYER CHARACTER with changeable weapons ( Character Maps use case)

6. Character Maps - how to use them by script, quick start, useful methods, examples

7. Special behaviors for your custom characters - how to add additional states for Artificial Intelligence

8. Special Range units - 4 AI types for diversified range-characters

9. Animated Environmental Hazards and Mechanics


LINK to documentation:



- How to import .scml animation projects into Unity

- Implementing melee fighting AI characters (from .scml projects)

- 2 AI templates for melee characters:

  • "guards"

  • "patrollers"

- Implementing range fighting AI characters (from .scml projects)

- 4 AI templates for range characters:

  • "sentinel"

  • "hold-patroller"

  • "defensive-patroller"

  • "aggressive-patroller"

- Advanced Player prefab (using .scml animations and .scms character maps) with 7 weapon types: bow with arrows, javelins, throwable bombs, axe, sword, dagger, spear

- Implementing a custom player character (from a .scml project)

- Implementing a custom player character with changeable weapons (from a .scml project and .scms character maps)

- Use cases for SpriterPro's "Character Maps" feature. Useful scripts, methods, and examples - changing weapons, armor, and faces in characters during gameplay.

- Finite State Machine connected with .scml character animations. Connecting AI behaviors with .scml animations. Workflow on how to create custom/special AI behaviors.

- 3 Animated mechanics ( using .scml projects):

  • Door with an open/close switch

  • Jump Platform

  • Platform controlled by a switch

- Animated environmental hazards (using .scml projects)

  • Bear Trap

  • Spiked Rotating chain

  • Explosive Barrel with a timer

  • Flame emitter

  • Button trap connected to a missile launcher

- Animated environmental hazards [ Rotating platform with spikes ]

- Static environmental hazards [ spikes ]

- Missiles scripts and prefabs

- use cases of SpriterPro's special features such as character maps, events, tags, collider boxes, points

-Other additions:

  • 2D game Camera prefab

  • basic UI


-PC for the 1.0.0 version


- version 1.0.0 was created and tested on Windows 8/10

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