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SpriterDotNet + Unity 2D Lighting + android not working properly


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Hey all, 

So in this project I'm working on, I'm using spriterdotnet for unity, plus the new 2d lighting system. Which, works great, to a point.

So for setup, we have a spriterObject (in this case a mouse) and on him is a PointLight2D, as in this screenshot:



That's how he should look, and as long as its a normal windows build, that's how it stays. I can run around the area, the light stays with him. But after switching to an android build, and running around, as soon as I move the character, the lighting on the spriter sprites vanishes. It still illuminates the tiles underneath, but the lighting on the sprite itself is gone. See this img:



This only happens after switching to android build, and it does the same thing on the phone, and in the editor. Switch back to the windows build, the lighting stays on the sprites as expected. In the same GameObject, disabling the spriter object, and putting a standard sprite there, the sprite lights perfectly. 

Already checked sorting layers, etc. Which shouldnt be an issue anyways, since it works fine on a windows build. It even loses its lighting when not playing any animation at all, but just the generic unanimated drug and dropped prefab. And it's really odd that its lit at beginning, but as soon as its moved, it loses the lighting.

Any thoughts? ideas? Help? 

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