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Found 2 results

  1. It seems that when there are multiple instances of a Spriter object, the action "Set C2 to Spriter Object" get confused and attempts to attach to the Spriter object with the highest Instance ID (so if there is 2 Spriter objects, it will attach to Spriter with IID of 1. Meanwhile, if I set position using pointX/pointY or objectX/objectY, everything goes to the correct position, but it seems that all animation is about a single tick off. If this is a bug in the plugin, and not my own stupidity of missing something blatant, and I know that there hasn't been an update to the C3 addon in a w
  2. Since I'm having problems with this http://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3548-subentities-in-c2/ I decided to try another approach - make animations of a character, let's say upper body, legs and arm behind in one project but different entities. Then I import that project into C2 and make three copies, assign a certain instance variable to each object so I could set up entities, e.g. var="torso", so Set Entity to "upperBody", "Stand" animation. Every object successfully set up. But when it comes to animations... the whole body is playing one certain animation and doesn't change at a
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