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Found 4 results

  1. I'm relatively new to Spriter so this may very well be user error however, I uploaded the wav file to my file folder. That works. Shows up it my palette which is nice. But that's all I can do with it. The online tutorial on here says you should be able to left click for a preview and then right click to add it to the timeline. Neither of these work. I know the sound file works and my computer's volume is up, yet spriter won't play the sound at all. Even a video tutorial said the same exact thing and it worked for him. Please help! And I have restarted spriter because I thought it might've been a program glitch, yet that didn't help either.
  2. Greetings to the Community, I'm fairly new to Spriter but learning quickly. I've been successful at animating a few characters now in Spriter and I'm attempting to do some lipsync with an audio track. As per the instructions, I've saved the audio files into wav format. (Microsoft default 16 bit signed wav). Unfortunately left clicking them in the Palette will not preview the clip, nor will right clicking them add them to the timeline at the currently selected timeline position. I've read the 2 other Help files in this section that dealt with this issue, and have attempted to both resave the wav files using the same and different alternate settings including unsigned 8 bit, as well as MS ADPCM and finally a signed 32 bit version all with no luck. If there is a simple error here I am making, I would certainly love someone to point it out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. OS: Windows 10 v1709 Program: Spriter Pro Steam Version R11 Sound FIles: Original in OOG format, converted on Audacity to WAV (MS usigned 16 bit PCM), WAV (NIST Sphere signed 8 bit PCM), WAV (MS signed 8 bit PCM), WAV (MS signed 32bit PCM), and finally WAV (Microsoft ADPCM). Additionally I tried two other downloaded SFX files that were encoded by others into WAV format from Freesound.org. File Size: 236KB Duration: 1.37sec Thank you again for any help in advance. JennBren...
  3. When I found this program, I was like, "whoa, how can this be so simple yet still damn good?" Only thing that I cannot figure out how to get sound. I have .wav files (shortest being two seconds long). Spriter shos them in my pallette, but then... nothing. Tutorial says that they should start playing when I click them, but they don't. When I try to drag a sound file to the timeline or the canvas, nothing happens. Cursor shows that little red "you can't drop it here" -sign. What am I doing wrong? I'm pretty sure it's just some rookie mistake, but I can't figure it out.
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