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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, i use spriter pro and construct 3. I did a transitional animation from 1 sprite to another one. to get 'morph/change' effect. It look fine in spriter. But when i put it inside the game in Construct 3, the sprite that use alpha (opacity) is turned to be Overlay/Add/Glowing. I tried to look at the json file, and can't find anything related to overlay/add layer. Below is screenshot from my spriter pro. The one that use alpha is the ground part. And the next one (cropped) is the screenshot from the image after i put inside the game. Also when it played on any of my brow
  2. System: Windows 10 64bit Graphic Card: nVidia GeForce 840M Spriter Pro Ver: R5 Steps to reproduce:- Repeat Playback: OFF 1) Create a bone and assign few sprites as child of this bone. 2) At 0ms - Change bone alpha to 0. 3) At 200ms - Change bone alpha to 100. After step 3 you will see all the child sprites disappeared. Note:- Toggle Repeat Playback ON/OFF before and after changing alpha or deleting key to see different kind of unexpected behaviours.
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