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  1. Thanks Is there an easy way to do that? Am I going about this the wrong way? What I'm trying to accomplish is this; I want to modify this character to meet my needs and take advantage of all the work that has been put into pack 128 regarding animations, pivot points, etc. If I can just modify some of the sprites to my liking and then use the animations and file structure, it would obviously save me lots of time. I added a screenshot below in the GIMP including the pallet editor and colormap; I was just trying to figure out a way to match the index. My method has been to use the colo
  2. Thanks so much Mike, You understood me exactly. I updated the portrait. Updating the portrait (and the smaller png) with paint.net yielded good visual results in Spriter Pro but I was concerned whether the png was "indexed" as mentioned on page 28 of the manual under "Using Spriter's Custom Color Features" so I made the changes again in GIMP but the visual results showed obvious artifacts so I made the changes again with paint.net but opened the png afterwards in gimp and converted it to "indexed mode" (Image>Mode>indexed). This yielded good visual results. I have added the mod
  3. Hi there, I slightly modified chest_front_5 in RPG pack 128 but the modification doesn't show in portrait. Do I need to modify portrait also? Original. Modified. In the portrait, the vertical brown stripe in the center of the chest remains; it looks great in the other animations. How do I make it so the portrait reflects change? Is this an acceptable method of modifying sprites in Spriter pro? Thanks so much Danny I did try to search for an answer to this both here and elsewhere but I did not find an answer.
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