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  1. Well, unfortunately I had some personal problems and could not finish (With finish 24/08) my Golem of Tartarus, anyway I will continue creating it to be the way I want , I'm using Krita to do on a digital painting style, have a touch of oil paint.

    I would also record the lessons learned in the process:
    - I had no notion of complexity to learn digital painting, the fundamentals and be able to apply in software, it is advisable tablet, but nothing that a pencil, rubber and paper do not, then you can take a picture and ink in program, if you It has ease and better sense to draw with pencil, can not be a good stay trying to draw with mouse and frustrating, but nothing prevents you develop skill with mouse or tablet
    - The Krita's learning curve is being larger than I imagined, more important than learning the tool is to learn the technique to apply the tool, no use having a wonderful tool like Krita and not knowing how to apply technique of drawing and painting digital, it is necessary that fundamental knowledge
    - I noticed that my reading is bad, I am studying speed reading techniques to improve my understanding and reading speed, this will facilitate in any area I want to act.
    - It is essential to train and often copy any design you wonder, until you develop your own drawing technique and reach the level that you want in your work.
    - No use turning a sleepless night in a project, the body and brain will charge a high price later, the next day you will be crushed, in a bad mood, angry, anxious, unhappy, their cognitive and creative abilities will be affected and you can lose the flow of creativity that was feeling when his mind was functioning rested and without stress.
    - No one is born knowing, so the best way to learn is to exercise DISCIPLINE for obtaining the knowledge, in order to achieve results.
    - Everything has a price to pay, and be careful not to end his physical and mental health, the mind needs rest to function in a 100% productive.

    Despite not being able to participate in the competition for the prize , I already feel victorious because that conquest I delve much into the making process for create my boss, I used my book Level UP (Scott Rogers) to get to personality, foundation and coherence in conception of the idea of my boss , besides having managed to experience a little more intensely creation process (sketch, ink and early digital painting in Krita) , I believe that the knowledge and experience acquired was worth much more than the prize of one thousand US dollars!

    I hope more conquest of this kind happen more often. The controversy of the rules is something that can really happen , everything has positive and negative side , I think our biggest thermometer to know if we are on track or not , would be assessment of future or potential players (general public). Another issue that is very sensitive is that any kind of accusation against a person (never public exposed), there must be evidence and evidence of irregularities, which culminate in the disqualification, however the accuser who is participating and accuse someone without any evidence should be punished with disqualification from the competition (in case accusation public exposed, my suggest anywhere accusation).  This would be one of my suggestions for the next rules!

    PS: My suggestion that every accusation be held via private message to organizers. This kind of public action may cause damage image.

    Thanks, Mike and BrashTeam! :-)



  2. I belive it very difficult to change the conquest of the rules at the moment.

    I can also understand that the problem of people who are not familiar with deep knowledge of art critics , can not vote . For example , I participate in a game development community facebook with 30,000 members, if I have to verify personal , and if you like give a like , what 's wrong with that ?

    I believe the purpose is also to popularize and tool to make known to the maximum number of people.

    Also do not believe that a person will create 500 accounts to do this fake form, it is easily auditable.

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