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  1. 6 hours ago, BrashAdmin said:

    Sorry to hear you've found a problem.  I've never seen this before.  Can you please tell me which specific OS you're running Spriter on and if you're using any specialized input device like a wacom tablet etc?

    I'm running it on Window 7 Professional (SP1), Steam version (6.1) of Spriter. I did use a drawing tablet but it's Kanvus.

    5 hours ago, BrashAdmin said:

    On a hunch, could you try turning off the onion skinning the next time it happens and see if that resolves the input problem?

    -Mike at BrashMonkey


    haven't tried that yet. Will try if it happen next time, don't know when tho. I'll send you the stuff you requested. Thank for replying :D 

  2. spriter%20bugs2.gif
    Like the title said, when i rotate/move the bone and sprite, after i release the mouse button, it immediately snap back to previous position, similar to when trying to rotate the IK anchored bone. i can't seems to rotate and reposition any bone and sprite on a particular frame. it only appear sometime, and the way to fixing it is to save and quit, then reopen, and everything is back to normal(or just by deleting all the key on that frame). Didn't change any of the setting tho, it just happen sometime.

  3. Hi, kinda new to this software. it's kinda easy to use, but...


    Yeah. After i select a bunch of keyframe in the timeline, dragging it will sometime cause some keyframe to simply disappear(i circle the keyframe that's suppose to be there with my mouse). It's kinda frustrating sometime tho. I'm using Steam version, downloaded today, so i guess it's the latest. Also is there a place i can report for bug? or is it here?

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