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    Beocro reacted to Trixt0r in Spriter and Java - Some Sprites Rendering In Weird Positions   
    Good job.
    Yes. The Java2D renderer renders the animation not correctly ( the Slick2D renderer also), while LibGDX and LWJGL do it properly.
    The problem is, that the y-axis in Java2D is inverted while in Spriter it is not.
    I will push the fix today. Thanks for figuring it out.
    - Trixt0r
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    Beocro got a reaction from JohnnyType in Spriter and Java - Some Sprites Rendering In Weird Positions   
    Hey everyone! Normally I wouldn't post on the forums for a problem, but I've been trying to figure this out for quite a while with no dice. I've been trying to render the Grey Guy using Trixt0r's Java-Spriter library with the Java2D method, but for some reason, the head and his hair aren't wanting to be rendered correctly.(That black blob on his chest is the 'hair') They just won't stay in the right positions. I really don't know what to do. Could there be a bug in the library code, or did I just mess up somewhere (most likely)? Does anyone know what could cause this? I'm fairly sure I duplicated the code from the examples exactly, so I won't post the code unless I really need to. Hopefully someone can help me, progress on my game has been halted while I try to figure this out. :)
    Here's the Spriter project+files if you want to inspect them: http://filz.us/2ztZ
    Note: I did PM Trixt0r about this a few days ago and haven't gotten any response, so I'm hoping the community can help me out.
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