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  1. In the example file you sent me there is no call to start animation action. Then the animation is working perfectly.
  2. A new version is available (with some bug fixes): http://clicks-en-stock.concept-game.eu/Downloads/Spriterv0.7.zip
  3. The beta version is available. Here the thread to get the files: http://community.clickteam.com/threads/91759-Beta-Spriter-Object-Extension?p=660459#post660459
  4. The plugin is on the way. I am debugging the last point for a test version: apply character map. I also need to handle properly errors (with error codes) in order to improve the feedbacks fo the beta tests. I will release this soon.
  5. Hi all, here is a work in progress video for the Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Plugin: It is a test of the sprite collision boxes (not those from Spriter yet). Some more to show later...
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