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    Misj' got a reaction from Billy Quith in Spriter R5 Bug Thread   
    I don't know if this has been reported in the past, but here are some stray observations about combining texturepacker and spriter (Win8.1, Spriter R5):
    images that are in the 'root folder' of your spritemap cannot be swapped. Right-clicking an image to replace a selected image in the project does not do anything. Right-clicking and holding the selected image itself doesn't either.  image that are in a 'folder' in your spritemap do work. pivot points given to images in the spritemap (at least those in a folder) aren't stable. I set 38 files in 8 folders (in a single spritemap) and when I finished I found that most/all had reverted back to 0,0. Upon saving-and-loading the project file I noticed the same. when double-clicking a folder in my spritemap I get the pivot-point popup. While setting the pivot-point for an entire folder would could be useful, this does a. not have an effect on child images (so I can't set the pivot for all images in a folder), and b. does not match the normal behavior of folders. Adding sprites to my spritemap (in texturepacker) did not affect my test-animation; so repacking a spritemap (and adding sprites later on in a project) should not cause any problem based on my quick and dirty test. 
    I also noticed that sometimes the image disappears when I try to swap it (with another instance in the spritemap). It happened several times, but I couldn't reproduce the steps causing it. Sometimes it returns when I move back and forth to a keyframe...sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes when playing the animation in a loop for several times it suddenly puts the images of the last frame on all frames. The data itself is not corrupted since when I save, close the app, and open it again it shows the correct images in the correct folders Whenever I open up a project in spriter that has a (texturepacker) .json file in it, I get repeating errors alerting me that 'there is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive ...' (in my case drive S, K, I, and G), and I have to press cancel for about 10 times for each drive-letter (so 40 times before the project loads). 
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