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  1. Ahh I like the screen capture idea! it wont be the best quality but it might do since the final image in game will be smaller. I actually spent another 3 hours last night re doing the animation with the smaller sprites because I couldn't wait , but i was using the skeleton from the high res image so it was not really fluid at all. I will try the screen capture method. BTW I do not have access to a high res monitor I am capped at 1680 x 1050 and my image was around 2k res Do you know if this will be addressed in the final version of sprinter? I think it is a pretty important feature to have.
  2. I am really stugling here. I silent over 4 hours creating a really complicated animation for a game I'm making. And I like working in high resolution when I'm creating my art. I finished my animation and I go to export to PNG and there is know way to zoom out. It looks like you can only export what the actual pixel count of the image is. So if you are working on an image that is bigger then your screens resolution! I shrunk the root images for fit on my screen but now my animation is all out of sack. It looks like exploded body pieces everywhere. I am in a big dead line and would really like some help. That is if it can be done at all. Fingers crossed
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