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    Hi Brashmonkeys, really excited to see someone working on a tool like this! I'll be putting in my funding moneys in a minute. Some feature requests I have in mind:
    Graph Editor & Dope Sheet
    For greater control over easings, and cleaner keyframe management, since having everything keyed in a single track can get cluttered pretty fast.
    Frame-based sequences in the skeleton
    To allow frame-by-frame sequences on skeletal animations, i.e. lip sync, hand gestures, a flame animation exported from Combustion, etc. I'm about to take the beta for a spin, so I'm not sure if this is already possible in some way. Apologies if it is.
    Inverse Kinematics
    I know this was brought up and addressed, but I'm seconding this request since it's an integral part of my animation workflow and many other game artists I'm sure.
    Pack all the image assets into a single atlas
    Just a further optimization that might be appreciated for projects running on certain platforms.
    Image atlas packing based on UV hulls instead of bounding boxes
    Another optimization related to the previous one for even more space savings.
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