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Help / advice on Cloth

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Hi I am New at this and having problems with my walk and the cloth while when the left leg moves over it, I am not sure on how I could make it more smooth to the eye simply getting the moment right.


Should I try making more lower cloth Parts at different angles and simply swap parts out on more key frames? Or is there a easier option I could try?

I was something earlier on Skin mode or something? a new feature coming out? anyway any inport would be great thanks again and loving the software.




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no comments crap, Just picked up Moho12 there and omg :?


Having a hard time with it will move one bone when suddenly ever other bone connected to it also moves! and the help how to use moho vids are awful the guys voice bugs me or something. 


But to spiter pro anyway I removed the Tabard and have now attempted to break the charterer up more around the torso currently 2 parts - ( why try 3 parts next)

heres the result anyway - But I really would like to put the tabard back in just once again no idea how to make it move like cloth in Spriter pro




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The only way to get a really convincing effect for this in Spriter would indeed use image swapping. you'd need to create a sequence of variations of the image being affected by and conforming to the front leg, and image sw3ap at appropriate moments in the timeline. Making sure all the images for the tabard are the same size, angle, etc. and making sure you set all their default pivot points the same will make image swapping much easier.

You could use the 2 step, 2 Spriter file trick I used to make the flag animation in the Dream Frontiers art pack ising Spriter's incomplete, but still useful "skin mode": 


Just remember, Skin mode is NOT Supported in any Spriter playback API's or plug-ins, so, while you could use it to create the required frame images for the Tabard, you'd need to export out those images of the Tabard, then use them with image swapping in the final Spriter project that you want to use in your game, unless of course you're just using exported sprite-sheets or full frame images for your game, in which case you can just use skin mode as much as you'd like.

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