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sprite Auto destruction removing

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I'm often confronted to this problem while working on animations, maybe is there a way to do it another way.

concretly, i'm doing my animation normally, then when i want to add some cool FX, i'm adding sprite were i need them,

usually i manage simple fx with only one or two additionnal sprties, but for one of my animation, i have to manage multiple sprites that will spawn and pop during the animaiton.

the problem is that working by  adding a sprite during the animation will automaticly destroy it on the next existing frame.

this is really annoying because i have to recreate the same sprtie on the exact same position, rotation and scale to continue the animation of this sprite and do the same for all of them...


so, is there a way to manage it efficiently?


thanks for help

Screenshot at 2016-09-21 17 13 13.png

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