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Mike at BrashMonkey

Using Spriter animations in Construct 2

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On 8/20/2018 at 8:51 AM, sagispin said:


Hey, were you able to fix it using multiple spritesheets? i have the same issue, having huge spriter file

No, and we cant say when or if multiple sprite sheets will be possible, you'll need to use the other mode as opposed to draw self. The good news is if multiple sprite sheets ever become possible, it will be very little work for you to switch over.

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Hello, Mike!

When you transfer scml, objects get collision masks "Guess polygon shape". Is there any way to make the default masks "Bounding box"? Maybe something to change in the plugin?

When I transfer a scon, they can not even be edited ...

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lucid, thanks for the reply, it's reassuring!

I am now considering all possible ways of optimization. "Bounding box" is checked by the program in another way, unlike "Guess polygon shape" - to check this mask, a cycle is started for each point. The selection option can be useful.

Also, if I understand correctly, it makes sense to disable collision masks for import through scon and spritessheets.

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Hi Spriter guys,

I have encountered an issue with the Construct2 plugin, version "1/7/2018", wherein the action "Set C2 object to Spriter object" would only work for one instance of each in a given layout.
Meaning, if you have one Spriter object with an action point, to which you want to pin a single C2 object, it works well.
But if you have multiple instances of either, no amount of 'pick' conditions will enable attaching a particular instance of a C2 object, to a particular instance of the Spriter object: C2 will attach one C2 object to the last Spriter instance and ignore the others.

As I understand it, the crux of the problem, is that plugin will search for a C2 'object type' not an instance to attach.

I have attached the C2 runtime file, with the workaround as implemented by our game developer.

Hopefully you can work a fix of your own for this into the next version of the plugin.




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