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[revshare] Concept Art for Mobile Card Game

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Hi you!



We are 2 game designers and programmers. Currently have a little bit of experience, and we want to take a bigger leap and bring our new little game to the world!

That's where you would come in to join our team and help us draw some beautiful art for the game.


Current team:

2 programmers:

One has two degrees: IT and Design. Works as freelancer mainly focusing on JavaScript and Adobe Suite.

Second one has a programming degree, specializes in building and supporting servers, Socket.IO, CSS, JavaScript, HTML.

1 composer - been creating music for games for about 7 years.

1 game designer - has an IT degree. Worked in a large VFX company. Works with colour grading and editing.

1 freelance artist recently joined us


Game concept:

Nontraditional multiplayer card game challenging your imagination and how well you can crack a complete stranger. A 'Magsman' has to describe a card in such a way, that it would be selected by less than all, but more than none players to get points.

What we have so far:

App can already connect to the server.

Some in game screenshots:


What we need:

A 2D artists to create:

  • Card art. We can show examples, cards description and direction to go once you contact us.

  • In game design. Background, main window, buttons.

Thanks for your attention and hope to work with you soon.


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