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Found 5 results

  1. Hey all, So in this project I'm working on, I'm using spriterdotnet for unity, plus the new 2d lighting system. Which, works great, to a point. So for setup, we have a spriterObject (in this case a mouse) and on him is a PointLight2D, as in this screenshot: https://ibb.co/VLTyKpM That's how he should look, and as long as its a normal windows build, that's how it stays. I can run around the area, the light stays with him. But after switching to an android build, and running around, as soon as I move the character, the lighting on the spriter sprites vanishes. It stil
  2. Hey all, First time posting here, so I do apologize if this is not the proper way to do things. I recently got into game development as a hobby (after about 6 years in Web / Mobile Development). I'm using MonoGame 3.8 & I can't seem to get the Runtime API (SpriterDotNet) to work properly with MonoGame 3.8. I'm able to get the example projects running when I git copy the entire MonoGame SpriterDotNet project but even if I copy / adjust the code their into my basic barebones project it won't work. Is SpriterDotNet working for MonoGame 3.8? Is it possible t
  3. Hi everyone! It started as a project for my daughter (she was at the age of about 2). She loved two apps I had on my old iPad - both were animated/interactive scenes. Just tap somewhere and see what happens. She loved it. On my way to find more apps like that, I had a hard time, so I decided to try to make one myself. So, this is it. I did some research, found Monogame, found Spriter, and the great SpriterDotNet implementation from loodakrawa. I love working with that. And although I am not a great artist, I tried my best. As my daughter liked the result much, I decided
  4. Hello, I´m currently trying to import my spriter animations into Unity 2017. I imported all the unitypackages and dragged the folder with my scml.data as I was told in various tutorials. But neither an animation controller nor any animation clips (for example walking.anim) are created like they are in the grey guy example. Currently I don`t find any solutions for whaat I can do, but I saw in this post: that Konckeri solved it adding UnityAnimator animator = gameObject.GetComponent<SpriterDotNetBehaviour>().Animator; UnityAnimator animator
  5. I wonder which is the latest stable version I could use with SpriterDotNet. I run a few test in Unity 5.3.2f1 and I encounter some problems: if I create the project with webplayer as the built environment I get System.IO.File error, I think is for the permission from the player to read files and folders, I change the build settings and use PC stand alone and that error is fix. I place the SpriterDotNet package in the assets, but when I try to insert a spriter folder inside I get a warning “Missing Asset: Assets/GreyGuy/feet/…” and so on. If I try t
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