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Found 11 results

  1. Who am I? I'm David - founder of Fancy Fish Games, and I'm currently working on the 2D RPG Stardander School for Witches. The game has a turn based battle system, and I'm looking to animate the enemies. We currently have a working alpha and a steam coming soon page if you want to see details of the project. What am I looking for? I'm looking for someone who knows Spriter to create animations of 7 enemies. Each enemy is already broken up into layers, and has an idle and attack pose. You can see an example enemy below: Mostly we're looking for an idle and move (enemies move forward every turn) animation for the enemies so they aren't still while staring at them deciding on what to do for your turn, but the attack pose is broken into layers as well if we have time/budget to animate those as well. I will provide a PSD with the layers for each of the enemies (or I can export those as PNGs). Final delivery will be an .scml file. How to apply Send me a PM or e-mail (david.m@fancyfishgames.com) with your portfolio and rates.
  2. Hello Spriters, I'm looking to team up with a 2D animator (Paid Work) that can utilize Spriter Pro to create animations similar to this level of detail: If interested let me know and we can discuss pricing (it will scale based on the sprites complexity). Sincerely, 1Step
  3. Hello, I'm searching for a 2D animator and drawer to make sprites, animation, background. I already have a list of things that must be draw. Please PM me to know more about the project and sprites/animations needed. I also need your pay rate and portfolio. Thanks
  4. Hi , I am looking for a 2D illustrator and/or animator that will transform 3 characters concept to walking movement poses. Art like this style: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/392165080025997916/ Please PM me for more details with email / pay rate / portfolio. P.S.: Please attach your previous artwork Thanks, Al
  5. Hello, I have a questions for controlling the animations from Spriter in Unity. Normally, I need to put "Unity.motion"-datas from Unity into the animation controller to define the different statements. But if I import my Spriter folder into Unity just the animation.asset (with my prefab) appears. How can I get the motions from my animations? Greetings, Konckeri
  6. What do we need help with? Create animations of our 5 characters in the software "Spriter" for our awesome game. It will be some small animations of each character and we will provide all the graphics to you. This can be a long time agreement because we will make more games in near future. We need this help kinda urgent of our first animations. Paid job, The animator will estimate the hours per each character. How to apply? Send a private message to me or reply in this topic with email / skype / portfolio / salary/hour details. Who are we? Fantasma Games is a Swedish gaming company based in Stockholm that focuses on innovative casino games for mobile platforms. We believe that the timing is excellent to innovate the casino games industry with deeper gaming experiences, testing new grounds with VR and combining three-dimensional virtual worlds with traditional casino games.
  7. Hello, 'Freakout Games' is a indie startup studio and we are a group of industry professionals. For our upcoming games for mobile platform we are looking for 2D Animator. More details will be provided with interested members. It's a great opportunity to get in at the ground level!This is our website: www.freakoutgames.comYou can contact us through our website.We are always looking forward to network and knowing more game enthusiasts.Thanks
  8. CuchoSkylaxx


    Here is my first animation for a game in development. His name is Buck and he is thirsty for blood and revenge. Please, any feedback are welcome.
  9. I need an experienced Spriter animator (paid of course) to create some walk cycle and fighting animations for some characters with existing photographic art. It is for the sequel to this game: http://elev8games.com/index.php/games-menu/lost-in-paradise As mentioned, the art for these characters already exists, and I have already split up into body parts (these can be refined if needed), just need an experienced animator to do a walk cycle for each, as well as some fighting animations (slash, parry, dodge etc.) There are also a lot of existing animations that have already been done for the main character (can be seen in the video above) that need to be polished or redone. They're mostly walk cycles in 5 directions and collect animations, as can be seen in the trailer video linked above. These were done by myself without any previous animation experience, and while they probably aren't terrible they could definitely use professional polish. In addition to this there could be a lot more work in the future and a long term collaboration. Please message or reply if interested, thanks
  10. Hi guys, We're working on a commercial game utilizing Spriter animations and need to hire a Spriter animator to help us out with some stuff. We're looking for someone to help us with two tasks: the first one, a priority, is creating additional animations we need for little over a week from now - there's not a lot of them, but they need to be created for a specific deadline. The second job would be about working with us on a month-by-month basis, working with our artist to create character-specific animations for the characters that will be created for the game. If you're interested in either of the jobs (or both), please contact me at marchewkowy@gmail.com with your selected portfolio, price range (price per animation), and info whether or not you're capable of putting out an invoice for your work (even if not, do contact us either way). Thanks! Jakub
  11. Hi, I made a character in Spriter 2d and imported him to Unity, and all worked fine by script I change his textures and this worked fine as well with the animations. but now in another scene the textures wont change if is the animator is activated. nothing changed ,the only thing i did was re import the character , and now the animations interfere with the textures. any one has any ideas why this is happening?
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