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Found 18 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm having a problem trying to override the animation while other animations are playing. So far I've only gotten the frame to change, but no luck trying to change the object's angle, size, width, height when using the construct 2 plugin. I'm using the latest plugin. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. hi, so i have updated my animation and trying to reimport it inside the construct 2 also i have deleted the scon file and importing it but as soon as i try to preview the game it gives me an error "cannot read property 'length' undefined".
  3. Hey all, I figured out how to get hitboxes to work, the question is simply whether the hitboxes register in Construct 2 (as far as my research goes they dont register in Unity.)
  4. Hi, I set up some sounds in spriter as the Tutorial videos show, I then set their volumes in spriter. When I imported them to Construct and set up the Sound trigger event as shown in the tutorial, None of the volumes I set remained, instead all of the sounds play at 100%, is there a way to get construct 2 to refer back to the volume levels assigned by Spriter or do I need to manually lower each sounds volume level in a separate audio program before using them? Thank you.
  5. I make Animation in Spriter and save to both format .scon & scml and then i tried to import this project to Construct 2, but only a blank file is importing No Images importing in C2 I am here attaching my Sample File I have windows 10, 64 bit When i was using windows 8.1 then everything was fine and no problem was there When i updated to Window 10 this problem is happening. Please check and help me why this happening Testing.zip
  6. Hey there, I have this Player character with two main animations "Attack" & "Shield" which I would like to be able to play independently of one another (So the player could be shielding whether or not he also attacks) inside the game engine Construct 2. Is there a way to make this work, or will I have to make two spriter objects inside C2 for each animation? Thank you!
  7. Hello and thanks for looking. In the Override Object action in Contruct2, What does Pivot X and Pivot Y do? Ive been trying to move a bone through this but not seeing any difference. Thanks.
  8. Hello, My Problem is that I imported two Spriter Projects to C2 and one isn't working at all. It can't be shown, if manually turned visible, no Animation is shown ect. I have got another Sprite in my Project that is working fine. I did everything the same way as with the first object. On Start --- Create Object Sprite 1 on Layer 0 at 0 0 Create Object Sprite 2 on Layer 0 at 0 0 Sprite 1 on initialised ... Sprite 2 on initialised... Every Tick Set Position of Sprite 1 to PlayerDummy Set Position of Sprite 2 to EnemyDummy I just added the Second Sprite under the first one. Did I do anything wrong? By creating everything new it is working with all sprites :/ but not in the main project
  9. Hello, I have a Problem when I Export files to Construct 2. I made my first Sprite, animated it wanted to see how it Looks in C2. But when I imported it to C2 everything was placed wrong and no animations were there. Can anyone please tell me what I could to to fix this? I have got the newest Version of C2 and Spriter, the Spriter Plugin for C2, and saved and exported it as a Spriter file. You can see on the Pictures what it should be and what it actually is. Thank you for your help, Nowl
  10. I'm looking for artists/animators and people with other skillsets to colab with on projects made with c2 and spriter. please reply If you are interested.4 I already have a project being made and have a lot of ideas for other projects I really need a artist that can animate and uses spriter.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm actually using spriter free version with a construct 2 plugin. The problem is that when I export my animation on construct 2, one of them doesn't work. here on the screen, the attack animation doesn't work on construct 2 when I triggered it. I create a new project on construct 2 where I just export this profil animation and it stil doesn't work, so the problem is not from construct 2. So for test, I create another animation folder, another project on spriter and well that works.. you will say me yeah so I just have to recreate my first project animation spriter but, if the problem come again? why the hell it that do'esnt work? I'm really cursed I just don't understand why ...
  12. Greeting everyone! Here is my new game, It was made by Spriter and Construct 2. Check it out. Oh and don't forget to give me a like. For the love of Spriter!!! Thank you and see you all again with my next game! Take care ~
  13. Hi I got another question to bother you guys. How can I decide the size of the collision rectangle I created in Construct 2 to match exactly that of the player animation? I don't know how to decide the size of the rectangle to contain the player in Construct 2. Thanks for the help!
  14. Hi, May someone here is using the spriter animations in Construct 2 for mobile app? Is there specific problem or known issues in Spriter's animations in Samsung devices? I'm developing a mobile game for kids. I test my game on Nexus 4, 5, and 9 devices, on HTC and on Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Note 3. On the Nexuses and n the HTC my game runs well, but on the Samsung devices my game stuck - I see the loader about 3 minutes and then I get the background of the first layout with clouds (not moving) and that's all. My spriter's object are created in the first layout. I export my project to Cordova and then I compile it with Phonegap or Crosswalk with the same result. Construct 2 release 208 (64-bit) Spriter release 4.1
  15. My question is simple this time. Is it better to combine all the animations in the game ever into one construct file, or make each entity that i create that is dissimilar (example: All humans in one animation and all monsters in the other) its own construct file?
  16. I'm in a bit of a conundrum and I'm not sure whether its a problem I should solve in Construct 2, Spriter, or is a result of my own incompetence. I have a few animations i'm trying to put in a game that have the character move around a lot. the thing is it always begins relative to the position of the player controlled object. For example if an animation moves the player like this: (X = original position, O = final position) X-------------------------------O and the next animation has the player move like this: O--------X I want it to move like this X-------------------------------O O----------X Instead it moves like this X-------------------------------O O--------X Does anyone here know how to solve this problem or will i have to adjust all the animations like this manually?
  17. So, I followed the tutorial for importing sprites, and have the custom save options set correctly; however, when I drag over the scml file, this sprite gets all jumbled up. What's happening: http://postimg.org/image/orklfhcuz/ What it should look like: http://postimg.org/image/7x7zbww59/ Am I doing something wrong? I have the latest build of C2 and I have the plugin installed. Also, I just updated Spriter to Pro account.
  18. so i have an animated attack , now how would i go about making a hit box for the sword so when it collides with an enemy it destroys it?
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