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  1. Here are a few more suggestions (working on B_2 version, OSX): * hierarchy view should retain expanded/collapsed state of its nodes when toggling show sprites on-off. * There should be a way to expand the names of the objects(sprites/bones) in the timeline view. Currently they are limited to the width of the playback/pause/forward etc buttons ribbon. * I think it would be useful to be able to add keyframes only of: Rotation, Position, Scale, or combination of the above. Maybe have 3 checkboxes? * when you wish to scale only towards one side, you can press Alt while rescaling. If you press the
  2. I have assembled my own small list of Bugs (B.2 on OSX Mavericks): * When I launch spriter, a blank document window appears maximized(full-width&height) but only for an instant, but then this is replaced by a small blank document window that quickly animates into full-width&height. Doesn't affect functionality, but it's a bit odd behaviour so I thought of reporting it. * Often when using the X button to close the open document window on the mac, Spriter crashes. Other times it treats closing the window as closing the program itself (which is the expected behaviour) and just quits the p
  3. Greetings! I'm testing out the mac version of Spriter Pro, and after having watched all the tutorials in a single day (too many dead braincells by now)... ...I still have a question: How can one build hierarchic animations? What I mean by that (I don't know how to call it actually) is saving basic animating blocks with their own mini-timelines and using them to build more complex/composite animations. If I remember correctly from Flash, it was named "symbols" (not sure about that though). In an example: It would be very very useful to be able to make a moon that is turning around an earth tha
  4. This brings us to a typical problem: wouldn't it be easier to report and maintain bug reports and feature suggestion if they were submitted via some bug/suggestions tracking system, instead of simply adding them to the forum? I've got a growing list of both bugs and features, and am pretty certain some of these may have already been reported on the forum under this or some previous version of the software!
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