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  1. Bisoux, do you know how to work with Github? Can you fork the project and then send me a push request?
  2. It has been a long time since I worked on the texture controller, so even I don't remember how the texturecontroller does what it does. I do know, however, that the TextireController does not use the file id todetermine its array index. So the problem does not lie there.
  3. ^One of the reasons why I won't include it in the main build. But I encourage people to use it as a temporary solution if they are fine with the "side effects".
  4. Hm.... Interesting. There's a number of issues I have with that, so I most definitely won't include it in the main build, but it's a "quick fix" that other people can use until I find out what goes wrong with my own AssetPostProcessor.
  5. For the zillionth time, then: I don't know why it happens. I just know it doesn't happen if you manually import the files as Sprite. The biggest problem with bugs and fixing them is that you actually have to be able to reproduce the problem to understand what's causing it.
  6. Or maybe I forgot to update the package? Or maybe I consciously decided not to update the package? I don't remember, it's literally the very last update I made and it's a while ago.
  7. Edit > Project Settings > Spriter2UnityDX
  8. Alas, this is where my expertise with Unity's mecanim system ends. I was hoping someone else would get interested in helping out with this aspect by now. This is in fact a known issue, and I do have a feeling there's some kind of fix for it, but at this point in time, I wouldn't know about that.
  9. This has something to do with the way Unity interpolates to form a tween. I'm not exactly sure what I can do about it. I have this distinct feeling that there is something I can do thoug.
  10. By skins, do you mean charactermap, or the "skinning" feature? (the first one is not yet implemented, the second one I believe is completely impossible)
  11. Have you tried it with a different .scml file? Like maybe one of the example ones?
  12. Oh wait, it was a query, sorry I misread you: As has been said on the first page, these things are currently not implemented, and it is unlikely they will be any time soon.
  13. I'm sorry to break it to you but these things are already mentioned in the opening post as well as the tool's description on Github. The only people working on the importer are like the one guy who does it as a hobby (me) and the occasional idea contributor.
  14. Alright, I have an update on the matter. I made a sort of intermediary build of the importer. You can now from the main menu go Edit > Project Settings > Spriter2UnityDX. There you can select whether you want your animations to be nested in the prefab, or placed in a separate folder. I won't up the version number because as of today it's really just a very fast and crude solution that may cause some unexpected behavior if you try some weird things. Also it's fairly untested. Try it and see if you like the results.
  15. Another feature planned for a future version is some implementation for CharacterMaps. That theoretically lets you store all your skin data in the prefab, or maybe a collection of ScriptableObjects, I haven't figured that part out. I understand your idea though. At the moment I'm not in a position to make one of those "Quick fixes" though, maybe this weekend I'll write up a quick fix, or someone else can write one up.
  16. The choice of whether or not to nest the animation was planned for a future version but I haven't really felt like working on it recently. A question though: If you have a lot of prefabs that use the same animation, why not use the same prefab each time as well?
  17. That can't be it, because Unity doesn't recognize .scml files in the first place. The problem has to be something else. Can you please elaborate a bit more on the steps you take?
  18. Gots a quickfix for you that will fix the error (but won't actually implement the curve type): -Open the file "ScmlSupport". -Find the "CurveType" enum. -Add the word "bezier" to the list of possible CurveTypes. Basically, the short story is, the documentation never mentioned anything about a "bezier" curve type. That said, while the enum is there in the file, it's really just a thing for future implementations. The CurveType enum doesn't actually DO anything at this point in time.
  19. Updated the source folder as well as the package to v1.0.4. Contains a few minor fixes: -AnimationEvents are now preserved between reimports -SpriteSwapper renamed to TextureController to avoid confusion -Fixed a z-position issue with the SortingOrderUpdater I decided to wait with implementing the above fix until I know what it does exactly.
  20. Is the old version still in your project by chance? ...Also, looking at my code I suddenly realise something. See, reimporting works by basically deleting the old and then recreating it. There should be a few lines of code that basically grabs all the events from the previous version and copies them into the new version, but apparently I forgot to add that. As a "quick fix", open AnimationBuilder.cs and find the following block of code: if (OriginalClips.ContainsKey (animation.name)) { //If the clip already exists, copy this clip into the old one var oldClip = OriginalClips [animation.na
  21. The DX version does nothing with events (precisely because of what you just said). Are you using the Mythgarr version?
  22. Okay, so then I am assuming your spriter files are actually in a folder named "Spriter" somewhere. Otherwise the quickfix wouldn't work. :P
  23. I... am not quite sure how that works? I mean, the importer should already do this for you. Also, what if the path does not contain the word spriter? That said, if it works for you, as well as for anyone else, it's a decent "quickfix". In addition, if, during your ventures, you make some improvements to the pipeline, I'd like to hear about it.
  24. If I ever get into a programming mood again, character maps are one of the highest things on the priority list. It would only be a quality of life thing though. If you want to reskin an existing sprite, you just write a script that does the following: 1) If no sprite swapper is present for that body part, write a script that replaces the texture on the SpriteRenderer component. 2) If there is a sprite swapper, write a script that replaces any of the textures on the SpriteSwapper component. (the SpriteSwapper overrides the SpriteRenderer, so don't use that one) @Mike: The spriter file is
  25. You do that in Spriter. No need to do anything on the Unity side.
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