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IMPORTANT: You will receive your serial number shortly after your purchase. This is required to unlock the Pro features of Spriter. Additional Pro features will appear over the course of time in future updates. To unlock your Pro features simply install the latest free version of Spriter, then from Spriter’s main menu choose the tabs marked Help/ Activate Spriter Pro and enter your serial number along with the email address you used to make the purchase.

License policy:

A Spriter Pro license is for one user, but is not restricted to a specific number of computers. When you buy a Spriter Pro license feel free to install and register it on any number of your own computers, but remember that only you are allowed to use it and it can’t be used simultaneously on two or more systems.

Refund policy:

Because your purchase is for an activation serial number, all sales are final. As there are no refunds, please be sure to test out the free version of Spriter fully before purchasing the enhanced commercial version.

Privacy policy:

We take your privacy seriously and take all reasonable measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information we receive will only be used to fulfill your order or notify you of free product updates, such as when “Essentials” Art packs (free with purchase of Spriter Pro) become available. We also want to be able to provide you with a way to retrieve your serial number if you happen to misplace it.

We will never sell or redistribute your information to anyone without your consent.

Art Packs

Everyone who purchases Spriter Pro will recieve FREE "Essentials" versions of every art pack Brashmonkey makes. The "Essentials" editions don't have as much content as the full commercial versions, but offer a fantastic starting point for creating the animations you might require for your game projects.