About Us

BrashMonkey is a two-man team co-founded by professional game artist Mike Parent, and Spriter's programmer and lead designer, Edgar Muniz.

Mike Parent is a 10-year veteran in the game industry. He’s worked as a professional artist for companies like Gameloft, Wayforward, and Glu Mobile.

Mike founded Brashmonkey and partnered with Edgar Muniz, whose talent and vision he recognized would help revolutionize how 2D games are made.

Edgar Muniz – alias Lucid – had previously contributed greatly to Construct Classic by programming plug-ins, adding various feature enhancements and improving stability.

Edgar had been working on an animation tool, and after seeing Mike’s Spriter prototype he approached him about developing a new version of Spriter which would incorporate the best of both of their ideas.

In 2011, they decided to become full partners and create the ultimate 2D animation platform for game makers. On April 28th, 2012, Spriter's Kickstarter campaign was successful, so full time development of Spriter and Spriter animation art packs could continue.